“For a renowned luxury spa enjoying a mountain-top location overlooking Lake Lucerne, only the best natural materials will do.” – plus 4930
The Bürgenstock Hotel & Spa is providing a five-star accommodation with a breathtaking view 450 meters above Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. It is the place where modern and traditional elements meet, creating a harmonious unity inside out. Aurubis Nordic Copper products are present in sight. Get acquainted with the outstandingly prestige architectural design.

This masterpiece of modern architecture located on the cliff of the Bürgenberg was inspired by the fascinating region of Lake Lucerne. The hotel first opened on this site already in 1873. As recognition of the region’s beauty and tranquility increased, its stature and size grew. In the 19th century, the area was popular among celebrities. Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, and Charlie Chaplin have visited the hotel several times since opening.

Exterior spa top, Nordic Brass

Timeless elegance and durable design

The hotel has recently undergone a complete renovation, which took many years to accomplish. Today, it is the latest iteration of a much-loved retreat that dates back to the 19th century. Hotel Bürgenstock & Spa opened for guests in autumn 2017, providing 102 luxuriously furnished rooms with a view, top-class Alpine Spa with indoor and outdoor pools, conference events rooms, lounge, and a restaurant with terrace. The highly architectonic building responds to the dramatic landscape. The exterior is angular and modern with impressive copper framing. Aurubis Nordic Brass shines in multiple exterior parts of the building.

Interior designed with new Nordic Décor

The hotel’s grand entrance welcomes guests with a blend of natural, warm and soft tones in materials and lightning. The material on the wall and pillar surfaces is Nordic Décor, which has the “smooth” and semi-matte finish. It suits well with other interior materials, creating a luxurious atmosphere, without being over-dominant, even when used on large surfaces.

The heart of rooms, a copper fireplace
Nordic Décor provides a rustic, grainy surface. It is most suitable for indoor design as well as the profiled copper is also working in functional structures. For example, a fireplace in the suites resembles warmth. Nordic Décor is a natural choice for a variety of design solutions. The surface treatment is available in the full range of Nordic Surfaces products.

Nordic Copper
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