Known as ‘the Goldfish’, this new office building in Hamburg is characterised by its fish-scale covering of golden copper alloy shingles.

Located in the developing waterfront Channel Hamburg area of the city’s Harburg district, the contemporary, clean lines and curved edges of the four-storey block engage with the surrounding historic buildings and more modern architecture that define the increasingly diverse area. Extensive glazing breaks up the golden skin on each elevation, highlighting the curved corners.

The Goldfish is cladded with 60 x 60 cm shingles of 0.7 mm golden Nordic Royal copper alloy, secured, via a separation layer, by stainless steel fixings to an aluminium trapezoidal substructure that is fixed to the concrete walls. To form the curved edges of the block, the trapezoidal profile is positioned vertically and the Nordic Royal shingles pressed to form the curve of the facade. This results in a high-quality, shimmering golden surface which will retain its colour over time.

Nordic Copper
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