Nordic Blue

“Nordic Blue” products are pre-patinated at the Aurubis mill to immediately provide the same blue patinated surface that otherwise develops over time in the environment. The pre-patination process encourages the continuing formation of natural patina through environmental exposure, dependent on local atmospheric and rainfall conditions.

Unrivaled design freedom

Different intensities of patina flecks can be created, revealing some of the dark-oxidized background material, enabling architects to determine the type and intensity of the blue patina with choices of “Nordic Blue Living” surface finishes.

Aurubis also develops special individual levels of patination to meet the design requirements or to match historically patinated copper on existing buildings.

“Nordic Blue” surface finishes can be combined with each other or with other surface finishes to create various visual impacts, e.g. with “Nordic Royal” or “Nordic Bronze”.

Technical Details
Thickness range: 0.5-1.5 mm
Maximum width: 1,000 mm
Length: Unlimited
Delivery forms: Sheet, coil

Other dimensions upon request.

Nordic Blue Traditional

Nordic Blue Living 1

Nordic Blue Living 2

Nordic Blue Living 3

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