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Copper Building, Lakeshore, Bristol

Trade fair Messe Duesseldorf, Germany

The Goldfish, Germany

Microsonic building, Germany

Lahti Travel Centre, Finland

Communal stage Trondheim town square, Norway

Anzeiger-Hochhaus Hannover, Germany

Museum Maison des Fondateurs, Switzerland

Paramount House Hotel designed by Breathe Architecture

Beecroft Building, United Kingdom

Lund Visitor’s Centre, Sweden

Deptford Lounge, United Kingdom

The Clarion Hotel Post, Sweden

Royal Design, Sweden

Font House, United Kingdom

Faraday House, United Kingdom

The Moon Art Centre, Belgium

The Curve Building, United Kingdom

Ram Quarter, United Kingdom

Royal Academy of Music, United Kingdom

The North Fitzroy Library & Community Hub, Australia

St John’s Primary School, United Kingdom

St Andrews Square, United Kingdom

Onslow House, United Kingdom

Garden Museum, United Kingdom

Bürgenstock Hotel & Spa, Switzerland

Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom

Adelaide Oval, Australia

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