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Emissions from our architectural products reduced by as much as 20%

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Building copper facade

Aurubis Finland Oy has updated its Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). Based on the results, the company has calculated the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for Nordic Copper products. 

According to the calculations, the CO emissions for some architectural copper products produced in Finland have reduced by more than 20%. 

Improvements in production have resulted in greater energy efficiency and lower emissions per copper ton. Fossil fuel consumption has decreased since the company has switched to using electric forklifts. 

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are available in Download Center – Nordic Copper 

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Villa L 3 receives BIG SEE Architecture Award 2023

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Nordic Copper Villa L3
BIG SEE Architecture Award 2023 for Villa L3

Villa L3 in Turku, Finland, designed by SIGGE Architects and featuring Nordic Copper cladding, has won the prestigious BIG SEE Architecture Award 2023 in the residential category. The BIG SEE Architecture Awards ceremony took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia on May 19th 2023.

Villa L3 is a modern and clean-lined house that acknowledges the surrounding nature. The client’s wish was to achieve not only an interesting appearance, but also a comfortable home that offers a natural marriage of everyday and holiday living. It was important to the client to obtain a simple and streamlined structure that would also age gracefully.

The second floor of Villa L3 is a completely open-plan living and dining space, encased in copper and affording spectacular views. In addition to the pre-oxidized copper cladding, the exterior incorporates larch battening to introduce architectural detail and create a warm ambiance.

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