The stage on the town square of Trondheim (“Torvet“) is the result of an invited architectural competition held in the autumn of 2012. The competition was part of a larger plan to upgrade the town square as a whole.

The vision for the new town square was to create a new, active space focused on activity rather than form. The ambition was to create a space bursting with people and life. The new stage is sited in the south-west corner of the Town Square, in front of a shopping mall.

The screen on the front of the stage loft consists of three layers; the inner layer is made of polished stainless steel with a random pyramid pattern, the middle screen is made of perforated copper with clear lacquer to keep the colour over the years, and the outer screen is made of randomly perforated and randomly hand patinated copper. Behind the middle and the inner screen there are multi-coloured led lightening in five heights facing inwards. And between the outer and middle screen on top of the structure there are LED wall-washers facing downwards.

Perforated and patinated copper

The stage itself is by purpose without a distinct direction, and is dominated by the main attraction; the cylinder-shaped stage loft. With a skin consisting of perforated and patinated copper plates, the colour of the stage roof changes throughout the day. From green during daytime, it will light up in the evening when light from the inner circle is reflected throughout the screen. The stage will seem like a living element that changes expression with the rhythm of the day. Benches in concrete and aged wood are surrounding the stage on all sides. This makes the stage also a huge sitting furniture. The stage itself is 5x7meters in black concrete.

Nordic Copper
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