Nordic Standard is mill-finish copper without any surface treatments.
Technical Details
Thickness range0.3 – 4.0 mm
Maximum width1100 mm
Delivery formsSheet, coil

Other dimensions upon request.

Nordic Standard –mill-finish copper

Nordic Standard is mill finish copper without any additional surface treatments carried out at the production site. The material has the traditional bright finish that will oxidise in the environment.

Apart from Nordic Standard, other Nordic Copper surface finishes from Aurubis include variable intensities of green or blue pre-patination, brown pre-oxidization, brass, a golden alloy and bespoke finishes.

Combinations for visual effects

Nordic Standard can also be combined with other surface finishes, e.g. Nordic Bronze to create various visual effects.

Naturally evolving copper

Ongoing changes will continue over time with all Nordic Products depending on the local environment. Within a few days of exposure to the atmosphere, the surface of Nordic Standard copper begins to oxidize, changing its color from the “bright” mill finish to a chestnut brown which gradually darkens over several years to a chocolate brown. Continued weathering can then result in development of the distinctive green patina – or blue in coastal locations.

Nordic Standard stories

Cass Bay House, New Zealand

Clifftops Holiday Lodges, Jurassic Coast, UK

Lahti Travel Centre, Finland

Paramount House Hotel designed by Breathe Architecture

Onslow House, United Kingdom

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