For decades Aurubis has been developing an unrivaled range of factory-applied surface treatments to provide various stages of oxidation and patination of copper for facades and roofs.The extensive product range includes surface finishes in variable intensities of brown oxidation and green or blue pre-patination, as well as prefabricated systems.

Pre-oxidization and pre-patination

In a carefully controlled production process, copper sheets and strips are pre-oxidized or pre-patinated to immediately provide the same brown oxidized and green or blue patinated surface that naturally develops over time in the environment. The pre-patination process encourages the continuing formation of natural patina through environmental exposure, dependent on local atmospheric and rainfall conditions.

Custom-made surface finishes and forms

We are constantly exploring new custom-made surface finishes and forms of copper with designers. This includes not only imaging or text printing surfaces, profiled sheets and pressed surfaces, but also perforated or expanded copper sheets and woven wire mesh.

Planning and installation support

As a reliable partner, we also provide help with planning and installation. Installation techniques and systems help to define architectural character with texture and scale – ranging from traditional standing seam sheet installation techniques to panels, cassettes and other pre-fabricated systems.

Nordic Copper surface appearances evolve with time. Get introduced to the natural development of patina as one of copper’s unique characteristics here.

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