‘Nordic Royal golden copper alloy gives the building a real sense of opulence and quality, as well as contributing to its art-deco feel’
Nordic Royal golden copper alloy detailing accentuates the art-deco inspired, subtle opulence of a new, award-winning development in Halifax, Nova Scotia, while also referencing its developer’s history in the capital.

Located on a pivotal, corner location, the George Residence on Pepperell links a vibrant downtown neighbourhood to the abundant green space of Halifax Common. Designed by Dexel Architecture in collaboration with Fathom Studios and built by Dexel Developments, for developer Lawen Group, the George Residence combines commercial and residential uses including 164 suites and 7 townhouses.

Strategic massing of the building creates transition from a large-scale building context to principally single-family residential neighbourhoods to the south and west. The highest density is located to the north-eastern corner of the site, allowing southern exposure to an internal courtyard. The corner has a double-height commercial space to create a neighbourhood anchor, with a distinct residential tower above. The building then steps down to townhouses along the two bordering residential streets to integrate with the neighbourhood streetscape.

High-quality Materials

The sleek, contemporary design utilises a restrained palette of high-quality materials in neutral colours – accentuated by elegant, crisply detailed and executed Nordic Royal golden copper alloy highlights.

External copper alloy details include impressive portals announcing individual entrances, full height margins inset within the dark brickwork, oversailing soffits to the cantilevered corner tower and reveals to openings around the roof terrace. Thematically, Nordic Royal detailing continues internally including elevator doors and surrounds, panels accentuating glazed lobby doors and even the smallest details –
such as wall corner guards and curved skirtings to columns.

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Durable & Distinguished Copper Alloy

Nordic Royal golden copper alloy gives the building a real sense of opulence and quality, as well as contributing to its art-deco feel. But it also acts as a reminder of a special part of the Lawen Group’s family history, embodied in the George Residence – named after the company’s founder George Lawen. The company’s current president and CEO said: “Our Team chose to feature the golden copper alloy at The George in appreciation of its durability and distinguished and dazzling appearance – an ode to our founder.”

Nordic Royal is an innovative alloy of copper with aluminium and zinc, giving a rich golden through-colour that is very stable. The surface retains its golden colour and simply loses some of its sheen as the oxide layer thickens with exposure to the atmosphere, resulting in a protective matt finish. Nordic Royal is produced by Aurubis, part of the world’s leading integrated copper group and largest copper recycler.

Nordic Copper
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